We asked ourselves

How can we help people do great things?

By helping them let go of trivial things

At Nextonomy, we’re imagining a world where the human mind is free

Nextonomy is building a cognitive software system that combines smart data and machine learning to optimize a user's daily life. We’re designing a personal co-pilot to help reduce the burden of mundane daily tasks.

There’s always been the promise of computers doing great things for humanity

We say let humans do the great things


The Nextonomy Ecosystem

Nextonomy Intention Engine

Nextonomy's cognitive software, the Intention Engine, is a set of algorithms that analyzes a user’s data to understand their needs and goals, and help them optimize their day and life. By anticipating user intentions in advance, the Nextonomy product ecosystem will help free up mindspace and give the user more time to focus on the things that matter.

Nextonomy Personal Matrix

Everyone has their own preferences, opinions, priorities, and motivations that drive every action. By creating a Personal Matrix for every user, the Intention Engine is able to evaluate potential optimizations and provide personalized guidance throughout micropoints in the user’s day.

Nextonomy Ad Platform

Driven by the Intention Engine’s intuitive algorithms, Nextonomy's ad platform helps advertisers get stronger ROI by positioning products at the right place and right time. This creates fewer ad interruptions for the user by being exposed to only highly relevant messages. This unique structure increases the effectiveness of digital ads, while protecting user privacy. 


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